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Johnny Lightning Funny Car Collection

While I normally post pictures of my loose (non-packaged) Johnny Lightning cars, there are a lot more in my collection that are still in package.   In fact, I would say the ratio of loose vs packaged cars I have is about 20% to 80%.   So there's a lot of cars that I have yet to take pictures of.   

It's easy to keep all of my packaged cars in big cardboard boxes, while the loose ones are in some old Plano 48 car cases.  But I ran out of the Plano cases a long time ago, so I don't plan on freeing any more cars unless I can somehow store the loose cars effectively.

Today, we will look at my small collection of packaged funny cars by Johnny Lightning.

Here's a Chevy Vega funny car that was issued in 2003 as part of Johnny Lightning's Hot Rod Magazine series of cars.  With this car you also got a bonus photo card depicting the real Don Schumacher Wonder Wagon on the Hot Rod Magazine cover.   The packaging is a plastic blister attached to cardboard.

Here's a closer look at the die-cast model.  It's bright yellow with the Wonder Bread sponsorship logos.  The Wheels are Center line steelies on hard plastic tires.   The chassis is chrome metal.

In 2004, Johnny Lightning celebrated it's 10th Anniversary with a release of 22 different cars.   This Dodge Challenger was part of that release. It is based on Roger Lindamood's real life funny car called Color Me Gone.   You also get a silver collector's coin with a picture of this model.  Packaging is plastic bubble on cardboard.

This particular model sports different wheels on front and back and runs on rubber tires imprinted with tenth anniversary lettering.   The metal chassis is painted in black.

Next up in my collection is this Pabst Blue Ribbon Charger.  Part of the Dragsters U.S.A series in 1997. The real life Dodge Charger was driven by Charlie Proites.  Packaging is cardboard hermetically sealed in plastic.

Chrome rims are mounted on rubber tires with Goodyear lettering.  Chassis is chrome metal.  Mine has 01211 as the limited edition number.

This Dodge Demon funny car was also in the 1997 Dragsters U.S.A. line-up.  The real Pure Hell funny car was owned by Richard Guasco.  Packaging of this car is cardboard hermetically sealed in plastic.

Body is purple with yellow flames.  Rubber tires with chrome wheels and chrome chassis.  My model has the limited edition number of 02885.

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