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Matchbox Audi RS6 Avant Wagon

Hey, so Hot Wheels is coming out with a new Audi Wagon casting for 2018.  But Matchbox came out with the Audi Wagon casting back in 2006. The yellow one featured here is from 2010 with excellent detailling such as the headlights, taillights, front grille and licence plates.   Let's hope the new Hot Wheels version will be as nice as this one.

Johnny Lightning Buick Riviera

Just a quick wheel swap for this Johnny Lightning 1965 Buick Riviera today.  Here's some other models that you may like:

Matchbox International Armored Car

Hi there and welcome back to!  My entire Matchbox diecast collection is probably less than 100 vehicles, but in my collection I have a couple of these International Armored Cars.  

I think I got these from some random toy warehouse many years ago.

I remember that there was this large cardboard box filled with all these loose armored cars.  If I recall correctly, they were priced at 50 cents each.   What's interesting is the white chassis because I don't think this model ever had a white base.

I think they were produced for some kind of company promo and that these were the extras/leftovers.

I would imagine that the company would have put their own logos on these trucks to be used as giveaways or something.   Do you have any of these blank promo cars in your collection?

Johnny Lightning 1975 Chevy Van - Rock Art Release 2

This Johnny Lightning Chevy Van casting originally appeared in the 2002 Boogie Vans series.  It's based on the 1975 G20 Chevy Van.

This version of the Chevy Van comes in a matte gray and black colour scheme.  It's part of the 2008 Rock Art Release 2 five vehicle set.

This particular model is adorned with the Led Zeppelin logos and Zoso designs on the rear and sides of the van.

This casting is all diecast and quite heavy.

The only changes I would make to this casting would be to replace the plastic tires with rubber ones.

On the body, I wish JL had added fender flares, portholes and skylights to the van.  These features were pretty typical of the vans back in the 70s.

Johnny Lightning 1981 Chevy Malibu Zinger

In the 1970s, some custom cars called Zingers came onto the car show circuit in a big way.  These cars had huge tires and big overblown engines.  Here's some more info about how they came to be:

In 2003, Johnny Lightning introduced a new series also called Zingers.  I'm pretty sure these car designs were influenced by the originals.  I've only got a few of the JL Zingers in my collection, but not to worry, Johnny Lightning is still banging them out in 2018.  You can find the complete list of Zingers at  This sweet black and gray Chevy Malibu Zinger is one of my favourites.
This one is from the Toys R Us 4 pack that came out in 2010.

You can see the detail of the rear tail lights.

In this side profile you can see the exhaust and side marker light detail.

The bottom of the doors are emblazoned with the words Chevrolet.

The interior of the Malibu is a light gray, almost blue colour.

Cool, how the sun glistens on the side exhaust pipe.

Thanks for checking out this Chevy Malibu Zinger.  Let me know in the comments below if you liked this car!