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M2 Machines 1954 Mercury Sun Valley

I bought five M2 Machines from a great seller at Swifty's Garage. I was not familiar with the brand so just opted to get a few to check them out. The models were originally issued back in 2008 or 2009, so these are not new on the market but they are new to me.

I was pleasantly surprised to receive these last week. They are incredible. The dual paint finish is excellent and the amount of details on the cars are extraordinary.

 While most 1:64 scale diecast cars have about ten different parts in their construction, I think I read somewhere that an M2 car can be comprised of nearly forty different pieces. Build quality is excellent and they look amazing.

 My pictures of this fantastic 1954 Mercury Sun Valley just do not do this model justice.  Don't forget to click on the pics to see the larger images.  You won't be disappointed.

Here's some more information about M2 Machines.

Brand: M2 Machines
Model: 1954 Mercury Sun Valley
Release date:

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