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Tomica Subaru R1

In September 2010, I spent a couple of weeks visiting Tokyo Japan.  While wandering around the Ometosando neighbourhood one day, I discovered that Kiddyland, a popular toy store, had moved to a new location.  As part of their re-opening celebration, they gave away a free Tomica subaru car to anyone that wanted one.  It came in a cool little box which indicates it is model #111 and is 1/56 scale, although it seems smaller than that. 

The subaru badging on the front and rear of the Tomica car is a nice touch. Looks like the real car is a gas miser and probably drives and parks easily in the narrow japanese streets.  Would you drive a little car like this in real life?  

Brand: Tomica 111
Model: Subaru R1
Release date:

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