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Johnny Lightning 50s Chevy Corvette Collection

Here's my entire collection of Johnny Lightning 50s Corvettes. All five of them.

I think this was the last time that the 50s Corvette was released by Johnny Lightning.  It was in the Auction Insanity series which was released in 2005.  The car is packaged on cardboard with a plastic blister.  It comes with a bonus auction paddle.

This classic corvette is a hardtop painted in creamy white with red accents.  Tires are rubber with chrome wheel covers.

The chassis is black metal with silver exhaust pipes.

The next four corvettes are from the Rebel Rod series issued in 2002.   With each Rebel Rods series, the car came in different colours:  R1 was white, R2 was blue, R3  was green and R4 was yellow.  The cars also had two wheel variations, one with plastic tires and the other with rubber tires.  I only obtained three of the four colours and most with the rubber tire option.  A notable bonus with the Rebel Rod series is the racing decal sheet that is included with each car.

Here's the Rebel Rods Series 3 Corvette.  The engine blower is exposed.  The car depicted here has the plastic wheel option.

Here's the other variation of the same car.

Instead of mag wheels on plastic tires, this one has rubber tires with Hoosier lettering.  

The Series 4 version comes on a card with different design, whereas Series 1 thru 3 came with the Nova card art.  I don't have the plastic tire version of this model.

Not sure which version is more rare, rubber vs. plastic tire.  The rubber is mounted on 6 spoke chrome wheels.  I like this colour scheme the best I think.

For series 2, I only have the rubber tire version as well.

This one has 5 spoke wheels adorned with Hoosier rubber.

Here's the group shot of my Classic Corvette collection.

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