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Matchbox Kenworth AeroDyne

matchbox kenworth car carrier auto transport

In 2009, Matchbox released a series of tractor trailers called Super Convoys.  These were much larger than the earlier convoy series and looked to be about 1:72 scale.   But proportion-wise, they don't look too bad.
Pictured above is the Kenworth K100 Aerodyne cab pulling a car carrier.   The back ramp lowers and the top platform also lowers to allow the cars to drive on and off.  I have the other car carriers which come in other colours, which I will feature in upcoming posts.  The Kenworth K100 also comes in different colour variations also.  I'm wondering if there is a spelling error on the cab, maybe it should say Central Express instead of Cantral Express?

Brand: Matchbox
Series: Super Convoys
Model: Kenworth K100 Aerodyne
Year Issued: 2009


  1. Anonymous6:50 am

    I've got an orange one and I very like it. You can see it behind my custom Firebird on this photo:
    Best regards, Dominik