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My first Tomica Limited Vintage

tomica limited vintage lv-61

tomica limited vintage neo lv-n28

tomica limited vintage neo lv-n40

tomica limited vintage lv-121

The wife, the sister and the aunt all wanted to go shopping on Osaka's Shinsaibashi street.
Far be it for me to complain, as this was the perfect opportunity to return to the shops in DenDentown.  I had seen a store selling Tomica Limited Vintages but wasn't sure if the prices I had seen were right.  Today, I went back and sure enough, my eyes had not deceived me.

The four pictured vehicles were the cheapest of all at only 500 yen.  As shown they are the Tomica Limited Vintage Honda 1300 LV-61b, the Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Suzuki Alto Gtype LV-N28a, the Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Nissan Be-1 LV-N40b, and my favourite of the bunch, the Tomica Limited Vintage Mazda Dump Truck LV121b.  The name of the store I found them in is called Kidlands Joshin.

kidland joshin

There were other Limited Vintage cars and trucks going for between 1100 to about 1700 yen, but this price point was getting a bit too steep for me.  Here's some random pics I took of the ones in the shelf.

In a future post, I'll take some pics of the cars i got out of box.

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  1. That's freaking awesome. They are very nice, Congratulation. I also just happen to get my first Tomica(after collecting also since '97). It's now on my top five diecast in my collection as it happens to be the first car I owned when I was 16 yrs old. It's the VW Golf II CLi. Exact color, exact detail. I'm like still in shock :D Take care. Oh yeah, great collection by the way. Lexdiecast