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Which Tomicas should I get?

I'm here in Osaka Japan for a two week vacation and couldn't help checking out the ToysRus store.  Not much of a Hot Wheels selection, but a ton of Tomicas on the pegs.  Here are some I might buy.

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When it comes to Tomica collecting, I'm an absolute newbie.  Do I buy the blister packaged ones or the boxed ones?  All the ones shown here are 299 yen at TRU which I would guess is the going price.

I went to Den Den town and spent a bit of time in the toy stores there and their prices were 294 yen.  While there I also saw some Limited Vintages for 500 yen, which I think is a good price.
One of the models I saw for that price was the LV-121b, a little dump truck.  Feel free  to leave me some advice!


  1. Buy them all!

    Personally I prefer my Tomica in boxes, but TRU doesn't carry many that way. The TRU prices are nice though!

    The prices on the TLV sound good! Are they second hand?

    I'm not familiar with Den Den town. What is it?

    Look for Book Off stores - some carry used Tomica really cheap.

    Alos try the big electronics stores, they usually have a toy department and good prices.

    1. thx toyotageek, i think they might have the boxed ones in takeshimaya. i think the limited vintages were new, seemed to be several in sealed box, if i recall correctly. dendentown is right next to namba, osaka. kinda like tokyo's akihibara district, lots of electronics, manga and toy stores. thx for the tip about the book-off stores, will definitely check them out.

  2. hwcanada from Joe's3:14 pm

    Wow, that's a lot of Tomica!!! That would be really tough.. As usual, buy that you like... Me, I would buy trucks/transports/campers, as those are my favorites..

    1. thx hwcanada, my favourites are the emergency vehicles, little trucks and taxis!