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Targa Taccar Honda T360

Back in 2013, I visited Osaka, Japan.  I wandered into a toy store and there was this table piled high with boxes of these cars.  I had never heard of the Taccar brand and wasn't sure what to make of it. 

All of the boxes looked the same, so I wasn't sure if they were all the same model or not.  On the outside of the box, there were several other colour variations of the same model, in this case it's a Honda T360 delivery vehicle.

I paid 380 yen for it (approx $4 USD).  I had planned to open it that night and if it looked nice, I would return to the store the next day to pick up some more.  Alas, the schedule changed and I never did get back to the toy store.

As you can see, it's a sweet little truck, not much bigger than the Tomica Tentmushi camper.

Don't see how it can be 1/52 scale as per the box.

Slightly narrower than the Tomica.

And just a smidge shorter too.

The tires seem to be rubber.

The silver plastic canopy lifts off easily.

Of course, I'm kicking myself for never having bought more the first time and not going back afterwards.

I love the printing on the sides of the  truck, but don't know what it says.  Can someone translate for me?

I was mildly upset to discover that the front license plate was chipped.  

In hindsight, I should have bought four or five of the boxes that day in the store.  Even if the model was the same, I could have a cool fleet of little delivery vehicles.

I googled Taccar and apparently there are nine different versions of the Honda T360 but they are all discontinued.

Blue w/green canopy: Catalog model

White w/blue canopy: Glass shop

Red w/red canopy: Post Office

Yellow w/yellow canopy: Morinaga 

Green w/ no canopy: Takeya

Silver w/yellow canopy: Kincho

White w/tan canopy: Used Paper Recycle shop

Brown w/white canopy: Kamuriya Bread

Yellow w/green canopy: Nittsu
* Note: my model has a silver canopy not green.

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