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Greenlight 1958 Corvette - Photo Shoot

Hello.  Today I'm going to show you how I took the picture of the Greenlight 58 Corvette.   What you are seeing is the car in an underground garage, with a pool of water in front of it.   The underground garage is a picture that I found on the web.   The pool of water is actually a piece of black acrylic plastic.   I placed the car on the black plastic to get a nice reflection in the foreground.

I have put this scene into a lightbox and raised it up to clear the rim of the lightbox.  The scene is lit from left, right and above.  I've positioned my tripod mounted camera about a foot away from the car.

This is how the shot looks behind the camera.  The camera settings are as follows:
Aperture mode at F8, Auto White Balance, ISO speed of 100,  Flash is off,  shutter speed is determined by camera.

After taking the shot I use Picasa (free photo editing software from Google) to enhance the picture as follows:
1.  Straighten the picture if required
2.  Crop the picture at 5x8.
3.  Slightly saturate the colours.

There you have it.  That's how we take the picture.  Now you can re-use the backdrop like in the picture below.

Or change the backdrop and ground cover for a different look, but the camera settings and positions are exactly the same.

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