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New 2013 Matchbox Double Decker Bus

Let's review the new 2013 Double Decker bus casting from the Matchbox MBX Adventure City series. Whereas the older london bus was metal, this new casting has a metal base and plastic body.  I like the gold and white colour scheme pared nicely with the gold spoke wheels.  It's adorned with modern MBX Bus and flying crown tampos.  The roof has a skylight but not sure if that is really representative on a 1:1 scale modern double decker bus.  The rear of the vehicle is pretty non-descript without any tallight or licence plate details.  The front of the bus has a giant 2 storey windshield and the headlights are molded into the body but not tampo'd or detailed like similar matchbox models.  Surprisingly, the interior is quite detailed and shows the seating on first and second floors.  The only downer is when you look through the front windshield, you see this GIANT peg that holds the vehicle together.  Anyways, I'm sure Matchbox is going to reuse this casting a lot so if you haven't found this one yet, there will be plenty more to come.  Don't forget to click on the pics to look at the larger images.

Brand:  Matchbox
Series:  MBX Adventure City
Model:  Double Decker Bus
Year Issued: 2013
Scale:  definitely not 1:64 scale, i'd put it closer to 1:80 scale.

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  1. Anonymous1:39 pm

    It's a shame to put that ugly plastic thing near those beautiful Tomica Limited Vintages.