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Johnny Lightning 1976 Dodge Aspen

You're looking at the Johnny Lightning Dodge Aspen which was only produced for two years between 2011 and 2012.  Only three model colours were ever issued:   black in 2011, white and blue in 2012.  The model featured here is the only one with plastic wheels.  The two other cars came with rubber tires.  This one has a diecast body on a plastic chassis with opening hood.  Fit, finish and detailing of this model is excellent as evidenced by the pictures here.  I think Johnny Lightning is the only die-cast maker of a Dodge Aspen model.

Brand: Johnny Lightning
Series: Forever 64 Release 24
Model:  1976 Dodge Aspen R/T
Casting: 621
Year Issued: 2012
Scale: 1/64


  1. I loved this one when it was first released. I still do. I was only able to add the black one to my collection, but well worth it !

  2. I love the old JL more on the present, because the surface of the painting is very detailed.