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Tomica Honda 1300 LV-61

I bought a few of the Tomica Limited Vintage die-cast thinking I got a pretty sweet deal, paying only 500 yen each (around $5 USD).  I surely didn't expect the size of the car to be so small considering that the box clearly states the cars are 1:64 scale.  I mean, this Honda 1300 is very nice with it's detailed front and rear end, and authentic rubber tires, but come on 1:64 scale?  I don't think this car is that small in real life.  It's size is more like the Cararama I saw that were about 1:72 scale, which I could have paid only a buck for.

I've placed it here next to a Hot Wheels Toyota Celica so you can see the size difference.  The size of the box is misleading as there are other Tomica cars which are larger that fit into the same size box.  I can't even imagine someone paying full retail on this, which I would guess to be around 1500 to 2000 yen (ie 15 to 20 bucks).  I'm an absolute novice when it comes to Tomica, so please let me know if I'm way off base here.

Brand: Tomica
Series: Limited Vintage
Model: Honda 1300 77s
Designation: LV-61b
Issue Year: 2008


  1. In fact, the scale of the HW Celica is about 1/59 - 1/60 - the Tomica is really 1/64.
    You have made a goog purchase, and if you want to collect classic japanese models, the Tomica Limited Vintage / Limited Vintage Neo series is a good choice!

  2. Tomica Limited Vintage have a true scale 1:64, i really love them, they really have some nice details, and i'm collecting greenlight cars too,cheers!!