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Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Suzuki Alto LV-N28a

Here is another recent acquisition from Nippombashi otherwise known as Den Den Town in Osaka, Japan.  This is the Suzuki Alto which is part of the Tomica Limited Vintage Neo series.  In my prior post  about the Tomica Limited Vintage Honda 1300, I had remarked about how small the car was and speculated on whether the car was indeed 1:64 scale as was indicated on the box.

Well several of my friends on Facebook and the die-cast forums definitely set me straight that Tomica Limited Vintage vehicles were most definitely 1:64 scale and some had provided specs to prove it.  I wish to thank everyone for educating me on this topic, I really appreciated the feedback! 

I still can't get over the level of detail for a car this small. In fact, this may be my smallest 1:64 scale car in my entire collection.  The lights and logos on the rear hatch are just exquisite.  And you can see how realistic the front headlights and signage on the grill are.

There is almost certainly a resemblance to an early Honda Civic if you look at it.  As with all Tomica Limiteds, this one rides on rubber tires, albeit they are little donuts, if you compare it to my Greenlight Ford Crown Victoria which incidentally is also 1:64 scale in size.  Anyways, it has been my pleasure to present this litle Suzuki Alto to you today.

Brand: Tomica
Series: Limited Vintage Neo
Model: Suzuki Alto
Designation: LV-N28a
Issue Year: 2010

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