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Which Tomicas should I get?

I'm here in Osaka Japan for a two week vacation and couldn't help checking out the ToysRus store.  Not much of a Hot Wheels selection, but a ton of Tomicas on the pegs.  Here are some I might buy.

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When it comes to Tomica collecting, I'm an absolute newbie.  Do I buy the blister packaged ones or the boxed ones?  All the ones shown here are 299 yen at TRU which I would guess is the going price.

I went to Den Den town and spent a bit of time in the toy stores there and their prices were 294 yen.  While there I also saw some Limited Vintages for 500 yen, which I think is a good price.
One of the models I saw for that price was the LV-121b, a little dump truck.  Feel free  to leave me some advice!

Multi Brand BMWs

hot wheels diecast bmws in 1:64 scale

Here is my collection of BMW 3 series die-cast cars.  I have a few from Maisto/Motormax, Matchbox and recently from Hot Wheels. Pictured aboveis also a  1 series and X6, I'm not sure if they are maisto or motormax. I recently picked up the dark blue one with the double 5 spokes and it is shown in comparison to the earlier model.  The base is almost the same but the wheels, and front of the car has been updated.

Matchbox Kenworth AeroDyne

matchbox kenworth car carrier auto transport

In 2009, Matchbox released a series of tractor trailers called Super Convoys.  These were much larger than the earlier convoy series and looked to be about 1:72 scale.   But proportion-wise, they don't look too bad.
Pictured above is the Kenworth K100 Aerodyne cab pulling a car carrier.   The back ramp lowers and the top platform also lowers to allow the cars to drive on and off.  I have the other car carriers which come in other colours, which I will feature in upcoming posts.  The Kenworth K100 also comes in different colour variations also.  I'm wondering if there is a spelling error on the cab, maybe it should say Central Express instead of Cantral Express?

Brand: Matchbox
Series: Super Convoys
Model: Kenworth K100 Aerodyne
Year Issued: 2009

Johnny Lightning 1980 Toyota Landcruiser

johnny lightning toyota landcruiser

Now here's one casting I don't have enough of. It's the very detailed 1980 Toyota Landcruiser from Johnny Lightning.  Beautiful in a robin's egg blue with white hubs on rubber tires.  Don't know why they put a chrome rim on the spare though.  This truck was released in 2007 as part of the Classic Gold series.

Brand: Johnny Lightning
Series: Classic Gold
Model: 1980 Toyota LandCruiser
Year Issued: 2007