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Johnny Lightning Spoilers

The chrome shelby from one of the older JL 5 pack sets.  There were only two or three different spoilers in each set meaning you had to buy different sets to get them all.

This AMC Javelin is a later spoiler that was part of the JL Street Freaks series.

These two mopar coronets were part of the initial Rebel Rods series.  There were 8 different engine variations and wore either plastic or rubber tires.

This boat tailed riviera is another favourite of mine.

This is one of the newer spoilers from the JL Forever 64 series.  Nice looking malibu.

Here are some old and new pics of some of my Johnny Lightning spoiler/rebel rod collection.  The ones that stay truthful to the design of the original Hot Wheels spoilers are my favourite.  Do you collect Spoilers?  Do you have the original Hot Wheels ones or the later Johnny Lightnings?  Which one is your favourite?

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  1. Anonymous4:24 am

    love your rebel rods and spoilers...they are my favorite JLs too. notice your white 67 t bird as a rebel rod...did it come factory, or is it a custom build.....regards, the ace.....