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Generic Walmart Tractor Trailer

Hey diecast fans, I just got back from Walmart today.  While I was there, I picked up this Kid Connection Walmart Tractor Trailer for $4.   I think it originally cost about $10 when it first came out.

Here's the back of the package.

Ok, let's remove it from the box and see how it looks.

It doesn't look to shabby.  The cab body is diecast, but the chassis and the trailer are entirely plastic.  I tried to detach the trailer from the cab, but still haven't been successful in removing the trailer.

Here's the Walmart truck alongside this Matchbox Dodge Challenger.

A VW beetle next to the truck.  There's lots of details on the cab and lots of chrome too.

The trailer doors haven't been ignored.   Looks pretty realistic back here too.

Final pic:  Here's the scale of the Walmart truck as compared to the Matchbox generic cab and the Toys R Us  Fastlane generic cab.   

Thanks for looking!

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