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Johnny Lightning 5 Car Value Pack Collection

These Johnny Lightning 5 Car Value Packs came out in 2000.  Each Value Pack had a different assortment of cars.  I collected the ones that had the Spoiler type cars in them.  There were 9 Spoiler cars, and I was able to get them all by buying the 4 different packs below.

This set has the Dodge Challenger (#3),  Ford Mustang (#4), the Dodge Demon (#8), and the AMC Rebel Machine (#9).  Also included in this pack is a blue Corvette Mako Shark.

This set has the Ford Torino (#6), and Shelby Mustang (#7).  Also included in this pack:  a green 40s Willys, an orange Dodge Ram pickup and a blue Firebird Trans Am.

This box has the Ford Mustang Mach 1 (#1), Pontiac GTO (#2), and another AMC Rebel Machine (#9).  The other cars are a burgundy Chevelle SS and a Dan Fink Speed Wagon.

Finally, this set has the another Pontiac GTO (#2) and the Dodge Charger (#5) to complete numbered cars.  There's also a yellow Dodge Charge funny car,  a green Dodge Superbee , and burgundy Chevy Corvette.

Here's the same box set as the previous one, but with an error car.   The Dodge Charger  is missing the number 5 on it.

Here's a closeup of the Dodge Charger.


  1. What's the difference between alloy and chrome rims?

  2. Cool models!!