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Greenlight at ToysRUs

I haven't seen any Greenlight diecast at my Toys R Us store in quite awhile and I was starting to worry that they might be discontinued the way all the Tomica stuff was.  So I was happy to find these on the shelves next to the Maisto/Jada display.  Looks like they brought out the GL Muscle Series 6 and the Road Racers series 3.  At $5.99 a car plus 13% tax, they are not cheap so I had to be selective about the ones I wanted.
 Anyways, you can see that the 1968 Plymouth GTX Hemi and the 1971 Pontiac GTO Judge came home with me from that series.  I also like the cool dio extras, but wish the pop machine was bigger.  Also picked up the tenth anniversary 1971 AMC Javelin from the Road Racers set.

Brand: Greenlight
Series: GL Muscle 6 and Road Racers 3
Models:  1968 Plymouth GTX Hemi, 1971 Pontiac GTO Judge, 1971 AMC Javelin AMX
Year Issued: 2013
Cost: $5.99 CDN each.


  1. Anonymous5:19 pm

    I bought 10 of the 18 GL castings that I found in a Canadian TRU store. The extremely high USPS cost of shipping to Canada now made these castings seem more affordable.
    These are the first diecast vehicles that I have bought in Canada in a VERY LONG time.
    On a side note, I am still buying GL castings out of the US but being more selective because of the sky high shipping costs.
    Nice to find any GL casting in Canada.
    Cheers. Cobra

  2. Hello!

    Congratulations on your blog! Nice collection!
    I'm posting the site of my collection as well:

    Thank you for your visit!

    Danilo Candido
    São Paulo - Brazil