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Tomica Toyota Noah

Hello die-cast fans!  While at the Q-Mall in the Tennoji district of Osaka Japan, I happened on a department store called Ito Yokado.  It was selling new Tomicas for the retail price of 349 yen, but what really got my attention was some older Tomicas that were packaged together in a plastic bag.  For 880 yen, you got 4 vehicles, working out to 220 yen per car.  These were blister packaged cars however and not boxed.

Here is the silver Toyota Noah which I believe came out in 2010.  This minivan has some nice details on the grille and rear doors.  Also, it has not one but two sliding doors revealing a nicely adorned interior.  I'm sure this would be a popular minivan seen at many parks and shopping centers in Japan.  This casting is probably an older model for seasoned Tomica collectors but it's a new one for me.  Do you have this one in your collection?

Brand: Tomica
Series: Regular
Model: Toyota Noah minivan
Number: 98
Issue Year: 2010

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