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Johnny Lightning Spoilers

As a fan of the original Hot Wheels Spoilers, I immediately fell in love with these Johnny Lightnings with their blown engines, vibrant colours and spoiler stripes and numbering.  You couldn't buy these cars individually as they were randomly placed in the Johnny Lightning 5 car value packs, that were initially only available at KB Toys in the late 1990s. If you were lucky there would be three spoiler cars in the five pack but many times there were only two spoiler models in a pack.  To get my set I had to buy four different 5 packs off ebay as there were no KB Toys in Canada.

As you can see from the numbering there were nine different cars  consisting of a pair of Ford Mustangs, Pontiac GTO, Dodge Challenger, Dodge Charger, Ford Torino, Shelby Mustang, Dodge Demon, and last but not least an AMC Rebel Machine.  The chrome shelby is still my favourite of the bunch as it is reminscent of the Hot Wheels Boss Hoss club car I used to have as a kid. I don't know why they didn't put a blown engine in the pink Dodge Challenger as it certainly looks out of place amongst the other cars.

In later years, Johnny Lightning would continue the Spoiler series but call it the Rebel Rods.  I still don't have them all but they sure do make diecast hunting and collecting fun.

Johnny Lightning Chevy Hearse

One of the best recent castings put out by Johnny Lightning in the past couple of years has to be the Chevy Hearse and Ambulance.  It's a decent size and feels solid in hand despite having the plastic base.  I like the fact that the paint schemes are conservative and not over the top and the offering of plastic and rubber tires is a nice bonus.  I'm still missing the Forever 64 R21 model that comes in a white body with black top and the bronze coloured version from the JL 2.0 series.

Brand: Johnny Lightning
Series: Forever 64 assorted
Model: 1957 Chevy Ambulance
Release Date: 2010