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Johnny Lightning Chevy Hearse

One of the best recent castings put out by Johnny Lightning in the past couple of years has to be the Chevy Hearse and Ambulance.  It's a decent size and feels solid in hand despite having the plastic base.  I like the fact that the paint schemes are conservative and not over the top and the offering of plastic and rubber tires is a nice bonus.  I'm still missing the Forever 64 R21 model that comes in a white body with black top and the bronze coloured version from the JL 2.0 series.

Brand: Johnny Lightning
Series: Forever 64 assorted
Model: 1957 Chevy Ambulance
Release Date: 2010


  1. Na quinta foto, de cima para baixo, tem alguém dentro do carro, no banco de trás. Kkkkkkkkkk...

  2. En donde se encuentran piezas como estas?