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Greenlight 2012 Hot Pursuit Set

Dodge Charger. FBI Police Washington D.C.

Ford Interceptor. Bismarck North Dakota Police

Ford Interceptor. Kissimmee Florida Police

Dodge Monaco. Washington State Highway Patrol

Ford Mustang. Missouri State Highway Patrol

Ford Interceptor. Vermont State Trooper

Dodge Charger. Reno Nevada Police

Ford Interceptor. Cheyenne Wyoming Police

Ford Interceptor. Juneau Alaska Police


Ford Mustang. Utah State Highway Patrol.

"Each vehicle in this 1:64 Hot Pursuit 10-Car Set is a recreation of an authentic police cruiser from around the nation. From the upper reaches of the United States in Juneau Alaska to sunny Kissimmee Florida, this 10-Car Set includes a wide array of police departments ranging from State Highway Patrol vehicles to City police."