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Johnny Lightning 1975 Chevy Van - Rock Art Release 2

This Johnny Lightning Chevy Van casting originally appeared in the 2002 Boogie Vans series.  It's based on the 1975 G20 Chevy Van.

This version of the Chevy Van comes in a matte gray and black colour scheme.  It's part of the 2008 Rock Art Release 2 five vehicle set.

This particular model is adorned with the Led Zeppelin logos and Zoso designs on the rear and sides of the van.

This casting is all diecast and quite heavy.

The only changes I would make to this casting would be to replace the plastic tires with rubber ones.

On the body, I wish JL had added fender flares, portholes and skylights to the van.  These features were pretty typical of the vans back in the 70s.

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