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Johnny Lightning 40th Anniversary wheel variations

The Johnny Lightning 40th anniversary series came out in 2009.  It consisted of 8 releases throughout the year with a dozen cars in each release.  There were quite a few wheel variations, although I'm not sure if every release had a car with wheel variations.  I've posted some of the ones in my collection that I was able to find.  From top to bottom, in no particular order:

66 Pontiac GTO from Release 6.
65 Chevy Impala from Release 8.
65 Mustang Fastback from Release 1.
70 Dodge Challenger from Release 5.
69 Chevy Camaro from Release 6.
69 Chevy Camaro from Release 1.

Do you have any Johnny Lightnings in your collection that are the same casting but with different wheels?

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