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Greenlight VW Samba Van Green Machine

It's always like that.  You hunt and hunt and hunt and never find anything.  Then when you quit looking, suddenly it hits you full in the face.  That's what happened this past weekend.  I've pretty much stopped collecting die-cast but still visit the die-cast aisle just to see what's new.

Well, the past month saw Green Light diecast appear at my Walmart stores.  Once in a blue moon, Green lights might show up at the ToysRus but usually it's nothing nada.  Especially at Walmart.
So I didn't expect to find much, but did notice that a new GL Motor World series was on the pegs.

Not a lot mind you, probably about 2 or 3 sets of Motor World Release 12.  Lots of VW bugs and panel vans.  And there it was.  The green wheels gave it away right away.

Just to be sure, I checked the base to make sure someone wasn't messing around with the car or package.

 Yep, found a Green Machine.  This will probably be my last one for awhile, because I know there will be a feeding frenzy at the die-cast aisle over the next few days.   Anyways, I was happy to go home with this nice little VW Samba Bus green machine.