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Maisto Trailers

I found these trailers of all places in a supermarket chain called Metro in Lima, Peru.  While I have seen the trailers in the Maisto fresh metal catalog, this is the first time I've actually had the package in hand.  There was actually another construction trailer I now regret leaving behind, but I think the four I have are representative of the typical offerings by Maisto.

The Maisto catalog refers to this brown and tan trailer as a livestock trailer.  We'll assume that it is used to carry small animals to market, not unlike what they actually do in Peru.  It has a single axle and trailer hitch.
Unfortunately, the rear doors don't open, otherwise the play value would have been much better.

Next up is the travel trailer clad in tan and white.  The single axle base is the same as the livestock trailer while the top sports a plastic camper top.  It has a skylight but no interior.  Again the doors do not open.

Here is the cage trailer which I assume would be used to carry larger zoo animals.  It has the black cage on top of the same base as shown above.

Finally, there is the blue moving trailer on tandem axles.  It has Cross Country Moving logos on both sides.

The cost of each of these trailers retailed for just under 3 Nuevo sols which put them at about $1.25 US.  In checking the Maisto catalog there are now only 3 more trailers I need to find, two are boat trailers and one is a trailer holding two canoes.  The search continues!


  1. Anonymous1:51 am

    Well, not only Metro but also Wong has them, and they're currently selling for S/. 2.90 again... Most people don't buy the trailers, they're the leftover "bones" after all the "meat" has been sold, that's why they place them on sale after a while instead of their regular price of S/. 6.90, which is what they charge for Matchbox or Hot Wheels 1/64 cars... curiously enough, they've kept the low price even after re-stocking a few days ago. I bought a "car trailer", which turned out to be all-plastic, but what the heck... the Police Copter is really good, but I didn't buy it, and by now, someone else already took the two I had seen on the Wong store in my neighborhood, and I haven't seen it elsewhere.

    What I wonder is, where are the cars with trailer hooks that are supposed to tow all these trailers? Apparently, nobody makes them anymore... I remember when Matchbox and Corgi had them.

    May I also invite you to visit this forum? It's based off Peru, for die-cast collectors of all scales (regardless of the name):

  2. Do you happen to know what year the travel trailer you show here was made?

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