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Hot Wheels Mooneyes!

Here are my favorite Hot Wheels mooneyes to date!  The 8 crate has a killer matte black paint job with yellow flames, and the anglia panel has the reverse color scheme!  Outstanding!  Don't forget to click on the pics if you want the big pictures.

Hot Wheels Import Racers

Today's pic is a sampling of the Hot Wheels import racers.  pictured here are the Toyota MR2, the latest recolors of the Nissan Skyline and the Honda S2000!

Hot Wheels Lil Red Express

I got this cool RAOK in my mailbox recently.  The Lil Red Express still has not shown up in the stores in my area so I'm really pleased to have this one.  The red paint looks almost pearlescent.

Does anyone know if there's any color variations yet?

Hot Wheels 66 Nova

I picked up these two Chevy Novas a few days ago.  There's definitely a colour difference.  One is orange and the other red.