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GreenLight 1966 Dodge D100 Pickup

Here is the Country Roads Dodge pickup by Greenlight.  I wanted to say what an awesome truck this was, until I turned it around and discovered a crappy front wheel on the passenger side of the truck.  I wouldn't have noticed if i hadn't taken pics of it.  It's not even the correct rim for the truck and the tire is shredded also.  Not what I wanted to see after shelling out $4 bucks plus shipping.

Greenlight AMC Javelin

I only have a few favourite castings from Greenlight and this AMC Javelin is definitely one of them.  Here's a grape coloured 71 Javelin and a green 73 model.  Notice the roof and rear differences on the cars.  There's about five more that I need to get.

Hot Wheels 2012 Treasure Hunts

These are my new Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt finds for 2012!  Pictured here is the 41 Willys and the Dodge Coronet Superbee and Mustang Super Treasure Hunts.  Which one is your favorite?

Hot Wheels: First look at the Mazda RX7

Just found these new Hot Wheels Mazda RX7 castings at the stores.  The black one is the new 2012 single issue and the blue one can be found in various 10 car packs.  "The name on the car, B. Ozaki, belongs to Brandon Ozaki, who works in Mattel’s painting group and owns a widebody RX-7 himself. His son’s initials are also B. Ozaki and was born on the 20th, hence the #20 on the door". Click on the pics to supersize.

Hot Wheels: First look at the Batman 5 pack

I found this one and only Batman 5 pack at Zellers.  It has the Batcopter, a Batmobile tumbler with new wheels, a chrome Armoured Car, a Gotham Police car and a Joker Bone Shaker.  New details on the Bone Shaker include the Joker headpiece on the front and the specially shaped engine stacks. Do they look like the suits on playing cards?

Bonus Leap year pics

Extra set of pics of the Matchbox blue olds cutlass wagon for mcnair55 ( hobbytalk forums). Enjoy!  Also a special shoutout to diecastman72 (also hobbytalk) for trading me this sweet cutlass.  Click on any pic to supersize it.