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Johnny Lightning Death Proof Chevy Nova

Quentin Tarentino movies are cool.  And the movie Death Proof was awesome.  I liked the movie so much I bought the car!  This is the 1:64 scale 1970 Chevy Nova by Johnny Lightning.  It comes in primer gray and has the cool skull and cross bolts design on the hood.  The movie also featured the 1970 Dodge Challenger from the movie Vanishing Point, and I have a few pics of this one also.

Brand: Johnny Lightning
Series: Forever 64 Release 8
Model: 1970 Chevy Nova
Release date: 2010

Hot Wheels Datsun Bluebird 510

Here are the latest 2012 versions of the Hot Wheels Datsun Bluebird 510 models.  Both sport #32 on the sides.  I've swapped out the wheels to give them a more racier look.  This mainline series version is really growing on me and I wish i had collected it when it first debuted in 2009.

Brand: Hot Wheels
Series: 2012 Mainline
Model: Datsun Bluebird 510

Matchbox Austin FX London Cab

Invasion of the British!  Check out this very cool Matchbox Austin FX London Cab, so typical of the taxis servicing the city of London England.  I really like the rear opening doors on both sides of the car.  Some nice body detailing and the glossy black paint is nice but I may have to paint in the rear tail lights, door handles.

Brand: Matchbox
Model: Austin FX London cab
Release date:

Johnny Lightning General Lee

Here's my small collection of Johnny Lightning Dukes of Hazzard General Lees.  Hard to believe that JL had twelve issues of the General Lee over 7 releases.  I'm not even halfway there!  The first 2 cars at the top are from Dukes of Hazzard Release 1.  The General Lee Zinger is from DOH Release 2. The car with the push bar and raised lettering on the tires is from Release 4.  The white streaked version came out in Release 6.

Brand: Johnny Lightning

Greenlight 1971 Chevy C10 Pickup

I've added another Greenlight Chevy pickup to my collection.  This 1971 C10 is from the GL Muscle Series 4.  It has a two tone paint job in turquoise and white.  Great detailing touches like the lettering on the tailgate, side markers and even the gas cap.

Brand: Greenlight
Series: GL Muscle series 4
Model: 1971 C10 Chevy Pickup
Scale: 1/64
Release Date: 2011

Johnny Lightning Beat the Heat Malibus

Here are a couple of the Chevy Malibus from the Johnny Lightning Beat the Heat series.  I've taken the liberty of doing wheel swaps on both of them.

More information about the Beat the Heat non-profit organization.

Hot Wheels El Camino

This new Elky is the best casting Hot Wheels has put out in a long time.  This machine is all about power.  The rear bed is loaded up with 2 whopping jet engines!  Can you say outrageous?!