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Hot Wheels Land Rover MKII

Do you remember when Hot Wheels used to use Corgi castings for some of their cars and trucks? This Land Rover Mk II utility vehicle was based on an ex-Corgi model and was issued in 1997, once and only once.  There's lots of detail molded into the casting, and would be even better if the front headlights, grill and rear tail lights were highlighted.  The Smith Electric tampos are nicely done and it looks very realistic.  I'm surprised that Mattel has never reused this casting because I think it would still be a very popular model.  It has lots of potential as a panel van with sides used for advertising or they could put some off road rubber tires on it for trail busting.  Do you  have this one in your collection and would you buy it now if you saw it?

Brand: Hot Wheels
Series: 1997 Mainline series
Model: Land Rover Mk II
Casting: 610
Year issued: 1997


  1. very nice old Land Rover. I have the Corgi one.

  2. Do you know their prices?

  3. I just bought one yesterday after I spotted it . Very awesome casting and being rare, it's a treasure.