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Hot Wheels Redline Silver Shadow

I bought this Hot Wheels vintage Rolls Royce Silver Shadow from the Toy Peddler and it's my first Redline acquisition in a very long time.  Please enjoy the pics.  Comments are welcome!

Brand: Hot Wheels
Series: Redline
Model: Rolls Royce Silver Shadow
Issued: 1969

Hot Wheels 65 Mustang

Here are three Hot Wheels 1965 Ford Mustang convertibles with whitewall tires.   They all have metal bases and opening hoods, something you don't see in the newer Hot Wheels anymore.  The dark green one is from the Ford 5 pack issued back in 1993.  The red one is from the 1992 Classic Collection 5 pack.  And finally the light blue one could either be the 1990 or the 1987 issue.

Johnny Lightning: Dukes Of Hazzard Roadrunner

Here's the Johnny Lightning 2007 Dukes of Hazzard Molly Hargrove's Plymouth Roadrunner that was driven by Daisy Duke in  "Birds Gotta Fly" EPISODE #79 February 26, 1982.  I really like the black steelie wheels on the rubber tires.  Usually the yellow paint jobs that JL uses don't come out that well, but this Roadrunner has excellent fit and finish.