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Can you dig it?

Thought it would be fun to go outside and play in the snow today.  The Oshkosh plow is part of the Matchbox Working Rigs series.

Hot Wheels Packin Pacer

From the new Hot Ones Series, here's the Packin Pacer!  These Hot Wheels cars are tribute to the older models which don't circulate much anymore.  They are a premium model with diecast, not plastic bases and retail around three to four dollars each.  There aren't too many diecast manufacturers that make a Pacer.  I just wish they had a black interior instead of chrome.

Johnny Lightning Vanishing Point Challenger

Here's the Johnny Lightning 1970 Dodge challenger that was featured in the Vanishing Point movie. It looks great in pure white and rubber tires.  The car also showed up in Quentin Tarentino's Death Proof movie.  In the Death Proof movie, the Johnny Lightning 1970 Chevy Nova was the star of the show.  I've got more pics of it here:

Brand: Johnny Lightning
Series: Hollywood on Wheels Release 6
Model: 1970 Dodge Challenger
Release date: 2004

Johnny Lightning - Lightning Rods

I'm a sucker for anything shiny and these chrome finished Lightning Rods fit the bill. In this set there is a dodge daytona zinger, a ford torino and a pontiac GTO.

Johnny Lightning 2011 Monaco Taxi

An outstanding model and i particularly love the realistic looking rims.

Johnny Lightning International Scout

A trio of International Scouts by Johnny Lightning, a nice roofless yellow one and two lifted ones in metallic blue.  Do you see the variations on the blue ones?  One is clean and one is muddy.  All three have rubber tires.

Hot Wheels Fire Trucks

A few of the Hot Wheels fire trucks that came in the five vehicle rescue sets.  I find that these are not true 1:64 scale, closer to HO scale.  If you want to see 1:64 scale fire engines, you can see my collection of Amercom and Code 3 fire apparatus on my other blog called

Johnny Lightning 1977 Ford Econoline

I don't normally go for over the top colour schemes on my die-cast but this Johnny Lightning Ford Van was just too cool to pass up.  Check out the cool artwork on the sides and roof, and even on the card art.  Check out the chrome exhaust, Vantastic!  To date, this is one Johnny Lightning model that never had a plastic chassis, this was all die-cast and had some weight in hand. I bet this Econoline would do well on the gravity track.

Brand: Johnny Lightning
Series: 2.0 Release 4
Model: 1977 Ford Econoline
Casting: 399
Year Issued: 2011

Hot Wheels Eye Candy

What's your favourite Hot Wheel?  These are just a few of the cars from my diecast collection.