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Hot Wheels Corvette Treasure Hunt 1999

A lavender coloured corvette Treasure Hunt in 1999.

Hot Wheels Gold 7 Spokes

I didn't realize that gold 7 spoke wheels were a rarity on Hot Wheels.  I think there have only been about 20 models made according to  Here is my meagre collection from 1995 and 1996.

Hot Wheels Racing Schoolbus

These Hot Wheels Racing busses appeared on the pegs for only a brief time. I was luck enough to snag these two before they all disappeared from the stores, back in 2000.

35th Anniversary Redlines

A pair of Silhouettes and a Beatnik Bandit.

Pink Nomad.

Pink Red Baron.

Pink Beatnik Bandit.

Pink Paddy Wagon.

Here are some Vintage and Anniversary Series Hot Wheels. Obviously not the real thing but they still bring back the look and feel of the original cars.  I'm happy to have them in my collection, especially the pink ones, LOL.   How many pink Hot Wheels do you have?

Storage no Plano cases for me

I sometimes remove my diecast from their card/blisters and store them in 48 car cases, which i purchased from Walmart.   No longer in stock, i decided to contact the makers of the cases at Although the cases themselves are reasonably priced, the shipping via UPS (and brokerage costs) will be too much. Here is the response from planomolding's customer support:
Pertaining to your inquiry regarding one of our JAMMER products, the 5315. Although not featured on our website it is still a current product and can be ordered directly through our credit card department. Through this service the 5315 would be priced at $4.00 per piece plus the cost of UPS shipping. We do not send our credit card orders out via the postal system.

The most economical way to ship this item would be in full cartons which would consist of 6 pieces. The UPS charges would be $19.10. This UPS cost does not include any additional duties, taxes, etc. that might incur.

To place an order contact our department at 1-800-226-9868 Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:30am and 4:00pm (Central Time).

Thank you for your continued interest in our products.

Consumer Customer Care

Hot Wheels Redline - Paddy Wagon

My only other Hot Wheels Redline, in addition to the splittin image,  is this old Paddy Wagon.  Not in the greatest of shape.

Hot Wheels Batmobile

When I was small I had the Corgi version of the Batmobile, so I had to get the Hot Wheels version for nostalgic purposes.  It's too bad it doesn't come with Batman and Robin figures.

Hot Wheels Variations

When I was collecting Hot Wheels around 1998 thru 2001, it seemed that almost every car had some sort of variation.  Either the card was somehow different or the car itself.  After awhile it became too much to try and collect them all so I gave up on Hot Wheels and focused on Johnny Lightnings.  Shown above are examples of the different variations. Can you spot them all?

Johnny Lightning White Lightning

As Hot Wheels has it's Treasure Hunts, Johnny Lightning has it's own chase cars called White Lightnings.  There are usually 2 different traits on a White Lightning that differentiates it from a regular car.  In the above picture, the Mustang has both white rims and wheels. Sometimes it might be a white body colour, white exterior, white chassis, white engine, white interior.  New variations have surfaced in releases where the body colour could be gold or orange.  I'm particularly fond of the white, gold and orange body White Lightnings or WLs for short.

Johnny Lightning Gold Series

Here's a sampling of cars from the Johnny Lightning Gold series.  Extra detailing is evident by the painted undercarriage.  Pictured here from top to bottom:  66 Mustang Hardtop, 70 Mustang, 65 GTO, and the 65 Catalina.

Matchbox Chevy Tahoe

I had this 1999 Matchbox Chevy Tahoe buried away and remembered at the time these were pretty hard to find.  Don't know if this is still considered rare or not.  Apparently, the Tahoe was rare in the US but it could be found in Canada.

Brand: Matchbox
Series: At Your Service
Model:  Chevy Tahoe
Scale: 1/64

Hot Wheels Final Run Kenworth

Here's the 1999 Final Run Kenworth.  I like how the wheels have final run on them.

Johnny Lightning 1966 Dodge Charger

A lot of the Johnny Lightnings come with bonus items, such as stickers, cards, and other goodies.  Here's the 66 Dodge Charger from the Classic Plastic release that features a replica of the model kit box that the car is based upon.  This model has an opening hood and rubber tires and has excellent proportions.

Brand: Johnny Lightning
Series: Classic Plastic
Model: 1966 Dodge Charger
Year Released:  2005