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Johnny Lightning 1969 Ford Torino Talledega

The Johnny Lightning Retro Release series from 2006 consisted of 4 cars:  a Chevy Camaro convertible, an Olds Cutlass, a Pontiac GTO and a Ford Torino Talledega, which is the featured car of today's blog post.

This large 2 door fastback coupe is long and lean.  It has an opening matte black hood that exposes the car's power plant.  Despite it's racing heritage, the production vehicle's engine was limited to a displacement of 305 cubic inches.  Racing models were fitted with the FE 427 engine.

JL did an excellent job on this casting, especially with the detailing on the front and rear of the car.  Side marker lights, license plate, door handles and Ford lettering on the hood round out the exquisite details of the Talledega.  The paint job is a stunning dark cherry red. 

Although it lacks rubber tires, the chrome spoke rims nicely complement the plastic wheels on this model.

Thanks for looking!

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